Friday, June 24, 2016

Journey's End : Zom-B Goddess by Darren Shan

It's been an amazing journey through the post zombie Apocalypse with B. This is the twelve and final book in the series, and though I don't  want to give any spoilers away I will take this time to gush about the series overall.

Zom-B is a must for zombie fans. Not only has this entire series delivered the chills and thrills zombie fans crave, but the series has touched on racism, science, war and the environment. 

I love that Shan has unflinchingly explored these themes in books intended for young readers. B has also gone through tremendous personal growth. Yet B still keeps the quirks that make her feel so real in the stories: A smart mouth,  sarcastic  outlook and yet not totally heartless despite losing that organ in the initial pages of the first book.  B is a character that I will not soon forget.

In Goddess we find all the threads from the previous novels coming to a head and B is front in center in the final movements that will decide the fate of the world.

Reaching the ending of a series is always tough. How will things end? Will some one I really care about die? Will I be satisfied or disappointed?

As I kept turning the pages my excitement and dread intensified. I didn't realize how attached I was to B until it looked like there was no way out for her. 

What Shan comes up with is brilliant and satisfying. I loved this book sooo much! I teared up at the end.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Camp Reads: Camp Midnight by Seagle & Katzenstein

I received a complimentary download of this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange for sharing my thoughts.

Camping is a staple of summer. Whether it's a road trip with family or being away from home for the first time,  the camping experience is fraught with thrills and in the case of this story chills!

This book tells the story of a young teen named Skye who has been dealing with losing the home she grew up in due to her parents divorce, as well as sharing her brief time with her Dad, in the presence of the new Stepmother.

This visit however Skye learns that she will be shipped off to camp. This doesn't make her happy at all! In fact her resistance leads to her Father rushing to get her to the camp pick up location and putting her on the wrong bus.

Skye doesn't discover this until the first night when everyone is called for midnight snacks and to shed their human disguises and embrace their inner monsters.

What's a human girl to do? If you are Skye you stick close to your one ally and prepare to bluff your way through a monstrous week!

I really enjoyed this book. It's fun and has really expressive art. I think what I enjoyed most was the way the art team expressed Skye's emotions and highlighted the creepiness around her.

Skye is not a typical "nice" protagonist. She yells a lot and speaks her mind without really thinking of how her words might be effecting others. 

She doesn't leave camp the same as she entered but she is still true to her self. A fun read! Perfect for middle grade readers and for family readalongs.

Middle Grade Summer : Louise Trapeze 2

I really love this series . It's like going back in time and giving my 8 year old self a fun time.

These stories manage to entertain long with teaching some valuable lessons about responsibility and friendship. In this volume Louise is determined to find a task that she can handle without help. When the opportunity comes to watch the juggling chickens she agrees. However its a big job and soon she has overfed the chickens, let them escape and watched them get very dirty.

Now Louise must choose between independence and disaster vs asking for help .

This is a perfect series for young readers and even families to read together.