Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Week Review: Sabine : My Rebel Sketchbook









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One of the major disappointments for me since becoming a Rebel’s fan is the lack of Sabine & Hera in merchandise. Visit any toy aisle that carries Star wars Rebels products and you WON’T find either of the female characters on the shelves. So when I saw that Sabine had her own book I rushed to buy it to show support for the character.

This book is a look at the Rebel’s universe through Sabine’s eyes. Sabine is an artist so her journal is full of sketches and colors. We don’t get a huge insight into Sabine’s past in this book but we do get a round up of the Ghost members adventures to date along with an art breakdown of the evolution of the Rebellion symbol.

I really loved this book. It’s perfect for middle grade readers and has a few blank pages in the back for readers to make their own drawings.


A quick read but satisfying. More importantly it’s an important collectible for one of Rebel’s fan favorite characters.

Fangirl Journeys 2015: Wondercon







This Weekend! Fangirl Flailing!


Over the past years I’ve had the good fortune to attend Wondercon! Wondercon Anaheim has really gotten better and better over the years. In the past few years I’ve met the creators of Once Upon A Time, Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro, Gareth Edwards of Godzilla fame, The cast of Teen Titans Go, and the cast of Arrow.


This year will be especially fun because I will have a fangirl roommate and have the potential to socialize more on Friday.


Here are some things I’m really excited for this weekend:

It’s been a San Diego Comic-Con and now Wondercon tradition for me to see the premiere of a DC comics animated movie. This years looks especially awesome because of well Batman!




Like many kids growing up in the 70’s Superman was one of their first and best Superhero experiences. A lot of that is due to the talents of Richard Donner. There is a special panel on Saturday reuniting the cast of the first movie including Margot Kidder.






Her Universe  is doing a special panel to share some upcoming releases from her clothing line and discuss the upcoming fashion show that will be happening at Sand Diego Comic –Con.


Look for my tweets about the show HERE

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Week: The Secret Jedi by Benjamin Harper


My inner Jedi couldn't pass up the chance to have my own holocron! The Holocron in this book is a sturdy cardboard square, that opens in various directions, and shows pictures of the Rebels Crew. I really love that Hera and Sabine are wonderfully represented in the holocron along with Chopper. The Holocron however is not just for fun. There is a special code inside that opens up additional content online. I suggest opening the extra content before you start reading the story. The code is a little tricky so you may need to try it a few different ways. Hint: look under the Hera and Zeb flap.
Holocron extras aside, this  book is all about Kanan. If you've seen the Rebels TV show the text of this novel will be very familiar to you. We learn a little about Kanan’s past in the introduction including that his real name is Caleb Dume. As you read the book symbols are on the side of the text that correspond to information about Coruscant, The Force , Holocrons and The Sith. This book narrates the events of the first few episodes of the show, ending with Kanan’s resolve to train Ezra,

There are also some great video clips from the show on the Secret Jedi site. A really cool read. It’s wonderful to see that information is being streamlined across the various Rebels franchise products. Reading Star wars books is so much more enjoyable when you know the various stories are now planned and supported under the Umbrella of canon.