Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Celebrate Hug A Book Week! September 6-14







I picked up a cool poster at Comic- Con a few weeks ago  showcasing this book:



You can learn more about this book HERE . So I will be celebrating the week by reviewing Hug Machine and possibly posting some pics of me hugging books! If any of you guys want to send pics of book hugging send them my way to  Or if you want to write a guest post about the event, or books you love enough to hug leave an email in the comments and I will get back to you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fangirl Summer Spotlight: Lady Sabre & The Pirates of The Ineffable Aether




Fiction State of Mind-04-01

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Kickstarter has been a wonderful way for fans to support some of their favorite creators. I’m a huge fan of Greg Rucka’s and so when he started the kickstarter for Lady Sabre I contributed right away. I pledged $35.00 for the project and got lots of cool extras with my Volume 1 hardcover:  la paper doll set, a map of Sarbe’s ship The Pegasus, a collection of short stories set in the Lady Sabre universe, and a behind the scenes volume full of notes and scripts.


What has always drawn me to Rucka’s work is his fantastic female characters. Sabre continues the tradition. She is smart, ambitious, a kick ass fighter and a witty conversationalist. 

In this first volume  readers get to see the foundational adventures of Sabre. Sabre’s world is a Steampunk universe with shades of the Old West and technology that is in a world all it’s own. The adventure begins with Sabre liberating an item and beginning her quest to open its contents. This journey leads her to a prophetic Witch, A lawman & Master Tracker and a mysterious map that will change the fates of all involved.


I LOOOOVED this book! Rick Burchett’s art is stunning. The characters flow across the pages in gorgeous color. Rucka’s story and dialogue is fabulous but what makes this book stand out is the seamless connection of word and graphic. From the script samples in the kickstarter extra’s it is clear that Rucka & Burchett are very symbiotic creators. The ideas flow equally between them. A true partnership. Eric Newsom helmed this ship as Editor giving the various story elements a streamlined narrative.

One of my favorite graphic novels this year.

This is my 46th book for Coyer Summer Vacation


Monday, August 18, 2014

Bout of Books Mini-Challenge Page

Create A Sentence Challenge
Jessica challenges us to pick a stack of books and use the first two words of every book. I chose these:
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22011931 17984141
I added the word *seeing* and got this Sentence:

Lucky at seeing A, The new Young petals on my half

 Infinite Ink asks us to discuss a One True Paring from a book. I chose this one:

I loved this series! And though I understood Jacinda’s  choice at the end of the series,

I was not happy with it! See there was this other boy. A dragon boy that I shiped sooo hard but sadly it didn't happen.
I loved the journey of the character Cassian and for the first time I understood the desire to write fan fiction. I hope at some point Sophie gives us a short story from Cassian’s point of view. I NEED to know he found happiness.