Monday, August 17, 2015

Bout Of Books Mini-Challenges

Bout of books  starts today!! This is the page I will post all my mini-challenges this week. happy Reading!

What To Read Next Challenge  

Here are 3 books Ive read and loved this year:

                                  Four Seasons in Book Covers
This challenge asks us to portray the four seasons in book covers:







Fictional World Challenge
Between Library Shelves challenges us to list some books that take place in countries other than ours. I'm in the United State so here are my picks :                    





Present Day Afghanistan

Thursday, August 13, 2015

IGGLE Camp Journeys: Final Wrap Up

Today is the first day of camp at IGGPPCamp. This is a great way to discover how wonderful the iggle community can be! There are many fun challenges during camp, so I will be checking in everyday to share my results.

Day 5 & 6

Life intervened so I didn't get to all of the final days Camp activities but I did finish both of the fitness challenges and listened to coraline on audio. I plan on having an Iggle Camp after party this wekend to do some of the crafts that I missed.
                                                       Day 4
                   Today I finished the Bingo Chalenge
                                                      B  read with a pet
                                                      I   read a graphic novel of choice
                                                     N   read a manga
                                                     G    read outside
                                                     O    read a short story
                             I also completed day 4 of iggle fitness !
Day 3

Today was another Watch a long! i enjoyed my first goosebumps episodes. I also built my igglefort and completed the iggle fitness challenge for the day.
Day 2
Hello! My camp journey continues! 
Yesterday I :
Did some Jump rope for Iggle Fitness
Participated in a live tweet of the movie Coraline
Read The Banana Academy for Reading Bingo
Did some art projects and coloring

Day 1

Fitness Bootcamp
Today i went to the gym and did the Iggle Fitness warm up
Camp Reading Game
A Bingo game with books? Of corse Im in! Today I read :
Attack On Titan before The Fall vol 3
I also chatted with fellow campers on Twitter! More fun tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Austen In August : Tea Pairings

Happy Austen in August ! Today I want to talk about tea. Many of my Austen reads are consumed with a cup of tea. There are so many types of tea but I consistently find my self drawn towards English Breakfast and Black Teas.

I was interested in learning about what Tea might have been like in Jane's time, and I learned some fascinating facts from the book above.

         Tea Transcended The Class Systems

Though there were varieties of tea that were very expensive (these varieties were often locked up in tea caddies), there were several varieties available to the lower classes. The warmth of the tea was a balm to many, and the boiling of water for the kettle made for a healthier drinking experience then regular water.

Location, Location,Location 

Until the early 1870's China had a monoply on tea importing to England. There were also several tea leaf recycling plants started to meet the growing demand for tea.

It is generally accepted that afternoon tea has a long history in England but it wasn't until the late 1840's through the 1870's that afternoon tea became a ritual. Elaborate place settings and even tea gowns were the norm by the 1870's. 

One of my favorite tea companies is Ahmad. So I thought it would be fun to suggest some teas to go with my favorite characters and books:


                                         Earl Grey

Solid, quiet Anne. What else but the most solid, British tea would work for her?

Fruit Tea

Bright, meddling Emma would do well with a little sweetness with her afternoon tea. 

                                     The Bennet Sisters
                                          Variety Chest


The whims of Lydia alone would require a variety of teas in the Bennet home ! This collection has a taste for every palate.

Hope you all have a good cup of tea with your next Austen immersion! Happy Reading!